How Hotels are moving to an Automated Future?

Image Represents the building automation in hotels concept.

Technology: Weaved Into The Very Fabric Of Hospitality

It took a little time, but when they did catch up, hotels embraced technology in all its forms. Smartphones, tablets, internet, clouds systems, and AI have been transforming the way we live our lives for quite some time. From how we travel to how we shop for grocery; tech has altered everything. For the hotel business, it is no different. BnBs, inns, guesthouses, and more are vying the attention of travellers by outfitting their buildings with as much technology as possible.

In this article, we take a look at what the future holds for the hospitality sector when it comes to automation. We discover some of the way hotels are improving the guest experience using collaborative robots and other innovations. From lights that shut off the minute a guest steps out of the room to cobot arms that help in the kitchen, the world of tech has infiltrated hotels thoroughly.

Room Keys And Smart Automation Systems

Hotels began with conventional lock keys. They soon upgraded to plastic key cards that required just a touch or swipe to open doors. Today, a new era of hospitality has dawned. Rooms are free of cards and keys. Digital room keys are the buzzword for a unique guest experience. Instead of standing at the front desk to check-in and get a room key, a guest can check-in through a mobile app. The app updates the hotel system and offers a ‘key’ to the traveller.

This ‘key’ is the app that allows opening the room door. By going keyless, the hotel not only shortens the wait time of guest while checking in but also frees up staff. Add to it, the personal experience of accessing the key to the room directly in their phones; guests become loyal customers.

Security technology in the growth of its hospitality operations.

Guest automation systems are the second arena hotels are including in their services. The system works very much like a smart home. When the status of a room changed from vacant to occupied, the automation system switches the air conditioning temperature to the optimal number. Lights turn on as the guest enters the room, welcoming them. Using voice commands, the patron can switch on the tv or music system.

Moreover, the automation system also records data that the hotel staff can utilise to improve stay experience. Things like how long did it take for the staff to respond to a call or how else could energy be saved is operational information which is accounted for. The hotel automation system allows for a lower number of errors that happen due to human interference. Here you check out – – how hotels are moving towatrds automation.

Collaborative Robots: The Real Future Of Hotels

While automatic lights, voice-controlled features, and keyless door rooms are making inroads in hospitality, they are the tip of the technological iceberg. Experts believe that the real future lies with collaborative robots. The futuristic hotels of Japan testament to the value cobots are providing to the hospitality segment.

Room service is now delivered by robots at some hotels.

One such example is the robotic chef called Cook. The Moley chef is a pair of robotic arms that operate precisely like a professional cook. The hands are suspended above a kitchen counter that is fitted with a sink, oven, prep area, and hob. The robotic arms are controlled using an app on the iPhone. The cobot can perform at the same speed and dexterity as an experienced chef to create delicious food.

Another example is the baggage handler arm. The collaborative robot arm picks up and stores luggage for guests while they undergo the check-in and check-out process. Both the cook and baggage managing robots are a perfect proof of how far technology has come to make the lives comfortable. The day where every hotel is equipped with cobots, AI, and automated systems to turn guests stay truly experiential is not far.

The only condition to tech future of hospitality is travellers. As long as they accept and adapt to it, there is nothing holding hotels back from incorporating it.


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