All About Service Apartments

A serviced apartment can be described as a fully furnished flat or apartment that is available on rent for short term or long term stay. It often includes different amenities, housekeeping, and several other services to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Although a serviced apartment might sound similar to a hotel, it is quite different as per the experts in the hospitality industry.

Service apartments or flats offer plenty of services similar to that of a hotel. However, it also offers extra added space, privacy as well as convenience at a more affordable price. Many online booking websites have been offering serviced apartments for rent on their apartments. However, it has only started becoming popular in recent times, with the general public realizing the many benefits they offer, especially when travelling with young kids or those with special needs.

In fact, business travelers also seem to prefer serviced apartments these days because of the convenience and leisure it offers. This cost-effective option is also beneficial to the companies who often have to pick up the tab of their employees who are traveling for work. These serviced apartments often provide several amenities like Wifi, printer, conference room and so on to business travelers to attract a larger market share.

Serviced apartments are also a great option for people who prefer to cook their own meals or have special dietary concerns. These serviced apartments come with a kitchen that is stocked with a reasonable number of pots, pans, plates and other cutlery items to help you feel right at home. You can also do your own laundry in the washing machine provided inside the serviced apartment. If you plan to travel to a new location for a short or long stay, a serviced apartment helps you stay within your budget and also save money by not eating out and doing your own laundry.

In order to make it easier to identify a hotel and a serviced apartment, here are some of the services that are offered by a serviced apartment in most countries:

· A full time manned reception with a telephone connection to all the rooms.
· You can request for any additional services as per your requirements.
· Once a week thorough cleaning of the serviced apartment. You can also request for extra cleaning which is often charged extra.
· Easy access to food and beverage on the property or often nearby itself.
· In case washing machines are not provided within the serviced apartment, a laundry service is often made available to the guests.
· An in room kitchenette that is stocked with essential items and cutlery.
· Serviced apartments do not have any minimum stay criteria. You are free to check out whenever you want.
· Serviced apartments are okay with their guests staying long term or short term as long as the rent is paid on time.
· Serviced apartments often offer units ranging from economy to luxury. The guests can pick one out that fits within their budget easily.
· Serviced apartments often have staff employed onsite.


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