Reasons To Choose A Service Apartment

Serviced apartments have become very popular these days because of the various benefits they offer, that too at low costs compared to traditional hotels. Serviced apartments are designed to offer hospitality to short term as well as long term stays. So if you are new to town and would like a place to stay till you find a more permanent solution, a service apartment is a perfect choice. It is also a great way for parents with young kids to visit new places. The attached kitchenette that is fully equipped enables them to cook for their kids and stick to healthy food throughout their trip.

Serviced apartments these days also offer facilities to business travelers to hold meetings and conferences, along with a complete office set up that includes printers, scanners, Wifi and so on. Interestingly, many people mistake service apartments are for only budget travelers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Serviced apartments come in a wide price range starting from economy to luxury. The added advantage of requesting any extra service makes it even more attractive to smart travelers these days.

Another important advantage offered by serviced apartments is the amount of privacy it offers. If you are looking for a place to stay to get away from the grind of daily life and simple veg out, a serviced apartment in a new town is the perfect solution. It will help you relax and sleep in as long as you want until you are ready to explore the new location. The attached kitchenettes also enables you to stay in and cook for yourself without worrying about going out to have your meals. Serviced apartments are also a great option for people who prefer to cook their own meals or have special dietary concerns. These serviced apartments come with a kitchen that is stocked with a reasonable number of pots, pans, plates and other cutlery items to help you feel right at home. You can also do your own laundry in the washing machine provided inside the serviced apartment. If you plan to travel to a new location for a short or long stay, a serviced apartment helps you stay within your budget and also save money by not eating out and doing your own laundry.

Another thing about serviced apartments is that they are often lower priced than hotels and do not have the nasty habit of giving you unexpected bills. Water, gas and the local council tax is already included in the nightly rent rate. In fact, most service apartment facilities also offer free Wifi services these days in a bid to attract more customers. However, serviced apartments do not stock any alcohol, but you will be able to locate a nearby bar or pub when you feel like having a drink. The service apartments also have a 24/7 manned reception like regular hotels. The service staff will be more than happy to carry out any extra requests you might have. If you prefer to eat outside, the staff will be able to point you in the direction of popular local eateries which are within walking distance.


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